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Hello! I am a thirty-something, Bristol-based, digital illustrator, inspired by mythology, folklore, and the natural wild world.


I am a gamer, comic book reader, fantasy fan, woodland walker, magic-loving humanist, fanart creator, sci-fi nerd, and I love a good comic con! 

Seeing a wide range of bodies, ethnicities, sexualities and genders represented in illustrations, particularly fantasy art and comics, makes me very happy.


The majority of my illustrations start out as pencil or pen sketches. These are scanned or photographed, and then popped into a digital painting programme for everything else. If the job calls for it, I will use traditional 2D media to achieve an effect, texture or finish, but digital painting allows me to work faster, with less costs involved, and almost anywhere. 

  • Procreate on iPad Pro with an apple pencil. 

  • Adobe Photoshop on a PC I built for gaming (Lego for grownups) and a Wacom tablet (Intuos Pro).

  • MSc Neuroscience in Education (University of Bristol).

  • PGCE Art and Design (UWE Bristol) - teacher training in the UK. 

  • Book Illustration, Chelsea College of Art and Design

  • BA (Hons) Animation (University of South Wales)


- A range of illustration commissions, for example: mindfulness colouring sheets for a Festival of Activism, and a set of greeting cards for a local arts centre. 

- 8+ years as a digital and traditional art teacher in Bristol secondary school (high school). 

- Sold illustrated prints and products at fairs and markets, online, and in local lifestyle and gift shops. 

- Co-ran an independent art and lifestyle gift shop with 6 other creatives. 

- Worked in and with local pop up shops in Bristol. 

- Worked as an artworker and animator for animation studios in Cardiff and Bristol.

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