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A bit about me

Hello! My name is Martha, a digital artist based in Bristol, UK. 



Available for commissions, licensing, collaborations, stockist requests and markets. You can contact me via email or on Instagram. 

Some favourite things...Cats, Autumn (like almost every other instagram illustrator it seems), fantasy RPG and literature, boardgames, graveyards, walks in the woods, and stationery. 

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What do you create? 

I would describe my work as colourful, sometimes spooky dark, and usually fantasy-inspired. I'm a humanist but I love everything magical, mythological and supernatural so you will see a lot of those themes running through my work.

I've worked on a wide range of projects from animation, to colouring sheets for a festival of activism, to pop up shops, to educational spot illustrations, to creating nature and fantasy-inspired illustrations for products and home decor. I love it all. 


How do you create it? 

I work on my art from a little home studio in Bristol; a small creative city full of amazing makers and artists, breweries and coffee shops, restaurants, independent shops and green parks. I work best with a pencil and paper so I usual start there with rough sketches. My animation background and gaming habits kickstarted my love of digital painting early so I create most of my art digitally, usually in Procreate but I did start out as a religious Adobe user. I really like textures, interesting lighting, and rich colours in my work and these can be created using layer effects. 

What do you stand for? 

Working with young people as a teacher for almost a decade, and studying a neuro-and-psych-heavy Masters has gifted me with a much better understanding of people, and inspired a passion for mental health awareness and advocacy, and Allyship. People, like nature, are flawed, fascinating and diverse, and I love seeing that represented. Ethical production and conservation of our world is really important so I try to limit my impact where I can. These are all things I would like to explore and promote more in my creative work, not just in my personal life. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's have a chat.

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