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Playful, dark and fantasy-inspired concepts and illustrations, by Bristol-based artist Martha Ford. 
Available for commissions, licensing, collaborations, and stockists. Get in contact via Instagram or email!

Gothic Unkindness of Ravens

Big Cats Print Series

Big Cats (print series)

Spring Nymphs

Colouring Sheet series (Festival of activism commission)

Series of Magical Grimoires

Tower of Flowers

Lady of the Bog (personal folklore-inspired illustration)

Starlight Serpent

Sun King Serpent

Little Worlds (print series)

Blazing Sands

The Frog Bard

Potion Class

Luna Moth




GIF project

Stegosaurus Forest

Moon Goddess

Goblin Grrls (character)

Seals being Seals

The Raven

Pool (isometric environment)

Six Swans (folklore illustration personal project)

The Oracle

Enchanted (the objects of myth and legend)

Winter Wonderlands (card and print series)

Dinorrariums (product illustration)

Toyland Greetings (card series)

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